• Our Competitive Advantages

    We are production experts in China. Not only we know every step of production (raw materials, moulds, sawing, dying, printing, embroidery, packaging) but we also know how important each one is. That’s why we chose different manufacturers for each step of production. And not just any manufacturer, the best ones. We supervise closely and control each and every step of the production, which is very important in China, ensuring this way the quality of the deliverables. Our offices in Hong Kong and Ningbo, with employees all over main China and the representative in Greece make us very fast and efficient for clients both in Asia and Europe. Our 15 years experience gives us a great advantage: we instantly know if something can be manufactured and how, so our clients don’t waste time. We estimate very quickly price range for a great variety of goods. The experience and the know-how of our management team, who has been in the market since 1990, is a great asset for our company and of course for our clients. Last but not least, our competitive prices!

    Our Code Of Conduct

    We are dedicated to conducting business in a manner which reflects our high ethical and moral values, and we strive to ensure that our business partners respect and adhere to the same philosophy, which includes respect to child labor, health and safety and environmental safety.